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DEHUMANIZATION                          67

and social groups has merely disguised the eternal
conflict between personality and society, between
personality and the state. And when there are
no more classes, when society is socially democrat-
ized and unified, then there will be revealed in all
its metaphysical depths the never-ending tragedy
of the conflict between personality and society.
In the same way, the moment the elementary
problem of assuring the economic life of every
human being is solved, there will at once appear
the full sharpness of the problem of the spirit.
This may be a problem for the perhaps distant
future, but it now seems that human societies are
destined to pass through the ordeals and tempta-
tions of ideocracy, of the absolute state, nation or
society, the negation of spiritual liberty. Perhaps
liberal democracy will not endure. Parliament-
arianism with its regime of parties and the power
of money is in decomposition. The old forms
of democracy hinder the radical reform of human
societies, and new forms are appearing, more
mobile, more dynamic, more capable of swift
action, better suited to the instincts of the mass
of modern youth. Fascism is one of these
evolving forms, arising out of the atmosphere
of the world war and the world crisis which
accompanied it.

The world evidently must pass through dictator-
ship which will in its turn vanish, once certain